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Does thinking about chimneys make you think of Mary Poppins?

Most of us think of chimney cleaners like some jolly Victorian gent capering on the rooftops with Mary Poppins, but, keeping your chimney and hearth safe and clean is serious business.

Today’s chimney cleaning services are lot more sophisticated than Bert was back then. Most offer an-a to-z of chimney related services from simple hearth accessories redmond or right the way to professional cleaning of your home chimneys.

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Properly protected

Chimney cleaning is a properly regulated business with the Certified Safety Institute of America or CSIA being the authorizing body. Make sure you work with a CSIA accredited firm. There is also a guild whose job it is to ensure professionalism and standards. Look for the National Chimney Sweep Guild membership insignia.

Door-to-door? That’s a no-no

You might be tempted by someone who turns up at the right time with a low price, but imagine the disaster if it goes wrong. Your downstairs covered in soot? Make sure your contractor is reputable and prepared to give a quote for the work.

Check for Insurance, ID and a general good sense about them

As this is a home service you want to make sure the potential for disaster is small. Check they are insured. Things do happen, so if soot falls all over the new settee you need to know it can be replaced.

Make sure the contractor has a clear ID just as you would with any other contractor coming into the home.

Are they professional giving you a window for service, will they call you when they are on the way? When they arrive do they look ready to work, even if they are a little grubby?

The implications of bad service means it’s good sense to check upfront.